Welcome to The Vittle Kitchen ... Dinner Made Easy!

  • Cheesy Vegetable

    A quick and easy weeknight meal. Tortillas packed with red bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and zucchini and topped with Mexican cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream.
  • Pork Chops
    With Sauerkraut

    Thick and juicy chops slow cooked in tangy sauerkraut. Served with your choice of 2 sides.
  • Chicken

    Lightly battered chicken breast sauteed in lemon butter sauce with capers. Served with 2 sides of your choice.
  • Thai Spiced
    BBQ Shrimp

    Tasty sauteed barbecue shrimp with a little kick.  Served with vegetable fried rice.
  • Chicken
    Stir Fry

    Thinly sliced seasoned chicken sauteed with loads of fresh broccoli, onions, snow peas and carrots in a teriyaki stir fry sauce. Served over white rice.
  • Beef

    Thinly sliced beef sauteed with onions and mushrooms in an herb sour cream sauce. Served over a bed of egg noodles with one side.
  • Sloppy

    Hearty beef Sloppy Joe with a sweet and tangy sauce served on a potato bun with a side of your choice.
  • Creamy Chicken

    Cold winter comfort food. Chunks of chicken, potatoes, onions, celery, carrots and peas with plenty of fresh herbs in a creamy sauce. Served with a side of dinner rolls.
  • Salted Chocolate Chip
    and Toffee Blondies

    Sweet and salty ..... loads of chocolate chips and toffee bits to take this to the next level.
  • Extra Sides 12/15/19

    Grab some extra sides for dinner. Choose from this weeks options.
  • Caesar

    A Vittle Kitchen Favorite. Classic Caesar Salad with romaine lettuce, homemade garlic Parmesan croutons and our tasty Caesar dressing. Grab an order for lunches or make it a...
  • Garlic Knots

    Soft, delicious and ready to eat in less than 10 minutes. Eat alone or add to tonights dinner.
  • French
    Onion Soup

    Traditional french onion soup topped with toasted french bread and melted cheese.